After you and your physician decide that Polypill® heart compound is right for you, your physician will write a prescription in person or online for a single formulation that contains many – if not all – of the same medications you are already taking.  ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, Beta Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, Diuretics, Statins and other essential medications can all be part of your Polypill® heart compound.

Keep in mind that certain medications may be bulkier than others, so your final prescription may actually fit into two capsules when finally prepared. But that is still a big improvement over the five, six or seven individual pills that you may have been taking beforehand.

Those medications will be combined together by a Polypill® pharmacy using only genuine, FDA-approved medications for all prescription ingredients. Compounding – the art and science of creating medicines for individual patients, rather than manufacturing them in mass quantities – is a highly specialized and increasingly uncommon practice. But the pharmacies we work with offer many years of compounding experience. In fact, they ensure complete peace of mind with strict quality control measures for every prescription they prepare.

Once prepared, your medication will be delivered to you in simple-to-use blister packs, making it even easier to follow your regular routine. Prescriptions may be filled in 3-month increments, and your doctor may prescribe as many as three automatic refills following that initial dose, giving you a full year of medication.